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Kim Kardashian Says She's "so Delighted" She Sliced Her Mane: Reveals N. West's Reaction To Her Brief Hairstyle - Yahoo Celeb

> 10, in New york city City, Kardashian enjoyed to divulge the reason for the sudden change. Sight gallery Kim Kardashian and also Khloe Kardashian revealed their increased gold product packaging for the new Kardashian Elegance The new 'do premiered earlier than anticipated. "" I was going to wait and reduce if for style week in Paris, and after that it was the Grammys, and also I was much like 'You know exactly what, why not a fun, makeover for the Grammys? she said. "" I have actually had lengthy hair my entire life.'"" IMAGES: Get influenced by these celeb brief haircuts Going so brief was truly a threat, considering that none of her usual hair stylists consisting of Chris McMillan and Andy LeCompte were offered. Kardashian eventually turned to editorial hairdresser Gregory Russell to do the honors. "" My close friend Joyce, who does our makeup, has terrific short hair,"" Kardashian said. "" She claimed that Gregory cut her hair once and also did it truly great, and also he came and also we sufficed."" IMAGES: 25 most iconic hairstyles of perpetuity Kardashian stated she enjoys her makeover so much because itit gives her even more liberty with her fashion choices. "" Its not really regarding the hairdo as much as it is,"" she admitted. "" Now I could make it much more concerning the outfit.

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