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Kim Kardashian Gives Paper Magazine Full Frontal [photos] | Hip-hop Wired

12), likely in hopes that shell actually break the internet this time. For the new images, also shot by famed photographer Jean Paul Goude,Kardashian is standing in what seems like a trash bag, but is actually a black dress, looking as gleeful as ever and rightfully so. She is a newlywed after all, and what better way to celebrate than releasing more nude shots? The world has now seen just as much of her body as her husband (several times over), and lets face it, thats something worth celebrating. In care youre wondering, Kardashian didnt get paid for the shoot because Paper magazine is too broke to afford her life, and trolling is much more economically sound for print publications these days. The mother of little North Wests sole motivation was showing off her cake matter before she gets pregnant again (makes sense), and proving to the non-believers that her post-body baby is back in order. Theres also a semi-awkward twist here. Mrs.

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